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SIMONE , HALF AND HALF, published play


Simone, Half and Half is a play for young audiences about a teen caught between cultures: Canadian, Québécois and Trinidadian. She’s also torn between projects: the talent show and the Black History and Culture Committee. As pressure mounts on seeing her projects through, her friendships start to feel the strain and her loyalties are tested. Simone must find the courage and the strength to stand up to her friends for what she believes in and what really matters to her. Will they listen? Will they accept her for who she really is?

This is a touching story about reaching out to the past, uncovering hopes and dreams for a better future and discovering one’s identity, told through theatre, music, dance and poetry.

Simone, Half and Half was commissioned by Black Theatre Workshop thanks to the Cole Foundation.  Christine also received support from the Canada Council for the Arts and Playwrights Workshop Montreal.  The play was first produced by Black Theatre Workshop in February 2020.

The play was published by Playwrights Canada Press in October 2022 and can be purchased here.

Cover design by: Tenzin Tsering


Simone, Half and Half was awarded a Top Grade - CanLit for the Classroom in the fall of 2022. 


Reviewer and educator Spencer Miller states:


"I promise your students have never read a play like this, something that is so current and relevant to their experiences.  Again, it was specially written just for them and so many students are going to be able to relate to Simone's story.  The author also does a fabulous job of incorporating elements of Black history and references to important historical figures in the text.  For example, there are references to important figures in Canadian Black history like Angelique, Viola Desmond and James Douglas." 

Annie Gibson, Publisher of Playwrights Canada Press explains: 

“I fell in love with this play the moment I met Simone. She’s figuring it all out but has the confidence to try new things. Playwrights Canada Press is exceptionally proud to be publishing this book so everyone can follow Simone’s journey.”

From Quincy Armorer, former Artistic Director of Black Theatre Workshop, who also wrote the play’s Foreword: 


“I have long been obsessed with the spectrum of mixed-race heritage and how the many labels and categories used to define me never felt fully accurate or complete. I thought often about my ancestors, many of whom were being omitted or ignored whenever one aspect of my identity was prioritized or favored over all the others. It was during my many conversations with Christine that it became clear to me that the embryo of Simone, Half and Half was growing in my brain, asking for Christine to be its surrogate.” 

From Christine Rodriguez: 


“I’m 55 years old and I’m still not sure what my place is in this province. I feel like my identity is constantly being questioned. Am I Québecoise enough? Am I Black enough? Ultimately, my strategy has been to shut out the outside voices and to follow my heart.” 

Quincy Armorer interviews Christine Rodriguez.

Black Theatre Workshop Production Feb. 2020

Book Launch at Librairie St-Henri Nov. 2022

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