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FUEGO a short film


Lonely, isolated and disconnected from his roots, Manolo is an Afro-Cuban man who has reached a low point in his life. But he'll find new hope after a chance meeting in the community centre where he works.  A short film set in Montreal (Tio'tia:ke), Canada, in English, French and Spanish.  WATCH FUEGO!


Seul, isolé et déconnecté de ses racines, Manolo est un homme afro-cubain qui a touché le fond dans sa vie.  Mais il retrouvera espoir suite à une rencontre au centre communautaire dans lequel il travaille. Un court-métrage filmé à Montréal (Tio'tia:ke) , Québec, en anglais, en espagnol et en français.


Solo, aislado y desconectado de sus raíces, Manolo es un hombre afrocubano que tocó fondo en su vida. Sin embargo, Manolo va a hallar la esperanza después de un encuentro inesperado en el centro comunitario en el que trabaja. Un cortometraje filmado en Montreal (Tio'tia:ke) , Canadá, en español, francés e inglés.

Christine was selected for the WarnerMedia Access x Canadian Academy to write a feature version of Fuego in 2021. 

"FUEGO by Christine Rodriguez a stand out short film at ABFF."

Lapacazo Sandoval

Amsterdam News

"...una belleza hecha con una gran sensibilidad..."

Gabriellle Lebeouf Pannetier

Étudiante en doctorat

Études hispaniques, Université de Montréal

Teaser for the film FUEGO

Christine Rodriguez talks about her inspirations for Fuego.

Fuego and Christine travel to Cannes! 🔥🔥🔥


Written, directed and produced by/

Écrit, réalisé et produit par/

Escrito, realisado y produjido por

Christine Rodriguez



Danny Blanco-Hall

Daniel Loyer

Davide Chiazzese

Katherine Sideris

Abena Bentley

Giovany Arteaga Valdes

Lázaro Leyva

Julio Rodríguez

Eduardo Sanchez

Arturo Zegarra

Eric Caissie

Director of Photography/Directrice de photographie/

Dirección Fotografía

Laura Torres

Art Direction and Design, Poster Design

Directrice artistique et design de l'affiche

Dirección de Arte y design de póster

Nalo Soyini Bruce

Film Editor/Montage/Edición

Juliette Crytes

Sound Director, Mixing and Editing/

Directeur et montage de son/

Dirección y Edición de Sonido

Rob Denton

Creative Consultant/Consultante créative/Consultadora creativa

Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford

Musical Director and Original Music/

Directeur musicale et musique originale/

Dirección Musical  y Música Original


Giovany Arteaga Valdes

FUEGO, the song/la chanson/la canción


Composed and Arranged by

Écrite et arrangée par

Escrita y arreglada por

Giovany Arteaga Valdes


Lyrics/Paroles/Letra por 


Giovany Arteaga Valdes & Rusdell Nuñes


 Recording/enregistrement/grabación :


Lead Vocals/Voix principale/Voz principal


Danny Blanco-Hall



Rusdell Nuñez And Adán De Dios



Bass: Jiovanni Cofiño

Congas And Percussion: Jorge Luis Papiosco

Flute: Giovany Arteaga Valdes

Piano: Willy Barreto

Timbales: Arturo Zegarra

Tres: Pablosky Rosales

Trombone: Serge Arsenault

Trumpet: Eduardo Sanchez


Prodution Manager and Assistant Director/

Chef de production et assistante à la réalisation

Jefa de Producción y Asistente de Dirección

Kiki Dranias

Production Assistant/Assistants à la production/Asistentes de Producción

Imtiyaz Bandali

Diana Luna

Camera Assistants/Assistantes à la camera/Asistentes Camera

Chloé Lafortune

Delphine Plante-Thibeault

Sound Assistant/Assistant Son/Asistente Sonido

Eric Caissie


Marie-Andrée Brière

Assistant Art Director/Assistante aux décors/Asistente de Dirección de Arte

Courtney Moses Corbin

Costume Assistants/Assistantes costumes/Asistentes Disfraces

Marie-Andrée Brière

Christine Rodriguez

Color Mixing/Colorisation

Pablo Perugorria-Del Gesso


Diana Luna

Christine Rodriguez

Ralph Rosefort

Presented by

Présenté par

Presentado por


Black Wealth Media


Made with the generous support of Actra Montreal







Danny Blanco-Hall, The Black Ink Family, Lludmila Paulino, Tania Giampetrone (Reisler Talent), the technical team for their generous support and endless patience, the cast for their complete dedication and commitment, Giovany Arteaga Valdes for creating and recording the song Fuego as well as pulling together the musical performers for the film, and the musicians for their infinite professionalism and contribution.


This project was filmed in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal situated on the traditional territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people. The land was also a diplomatic meeting place with other Iroquoians and Algonquians including Algonquin-Anishinaabe, Atikamekw, and Huron-Wendat. We acknowledge that we are located on a land that has been the site of human creativity and story-telling for thousands of years, and are thankful that we are able to live, create, collaborate and work here.

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