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Enter the world of a mother who has high hopes for her baby boy but soon learns that he has autism. She’s forced not only to deal with the disappointment and challenges but also to take on the struggle to help her son thrive and become socially accepted. Sad, funny, but mostly full of love.  Dreaming in Autism premiered at the 2012 Montreal Fringe Festival and subsiquently toured in Montreal and travelled to Winnipeg for FemFest 2013.




Dreaming in Autism received third prize at the Ottawa Little Theatre 72nd National One-Act Playwriting Competition. The play received the Gladys Cameron Watt Award, sponsored by the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women.  Adjudicator Garry Davey says the play is a “strongly imagined piece with a distinctive style” and that it is “both funny and heart-breaking at times.”  Dreaming in Autism was also the recipient of the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier – Fred-Barry Award for Best Scenography-Production Design at the 2012 Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montreal. Also nominated for Chapters Best English Script and Mainline Theatre - Next Stage Award. 

Written and performed by Christine Rodriguez

Directed by Liz Truchanowicz

Set and costume design: Logan K. Williams

Lighting designer: Jody Burkholder

Sound and music recording: Daniel Loyer

Video design: Daniel Torchinsky

Stage manager: Alicia O'Keefe

Highlight reel:

Montreal Fringe Festival 2021

"How does a single person on a stage make you forget you even own a phone or have a life outside Coristine Hall for an hour? It helps to have nuclear stage presence, for one. Rodriguez is no amateur, and her presence more than fills the stage – rather, it emanates outwards toward this Tuesday-night crowd. (On a purely physical register, her considerable height and athlletic grace allows her to cross the entire stage in a few strides.)"


Nathalie Zayne, CULT#MTL, Feb. 2013

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