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THE GOOD KING - 60-min political sci-fi


The Good King follows Prince Leiyo’s transformation from an indifferent teen to a committed advocate for peace in the Solar System. But he faces two tremendous foes on this path: his genocidal brother, King Olgod on the ice planet of Meheya, and a laser-focused LaStella Orion, an up-and-coming leader on dusty planet Mars. Olgod wants to rule the human world by controlling water. He won’t hesitate to pulverize entire colonies to strong-arm his way to supremacy. LaStella leads a staunchly democratic Mars. To her, the monarchy is a relic and a poison that must be abolished. Leiyo is a thorn in both their sides as he grows into his own person, charismatic and pacifist, increasingly influential to young people, not just on Meheya but on Mars and Earth as well. Through assassinations, seductions and wars, the Kingdom of Meheya will rise and fall and rise again as Leiyo finally accepts his destiny as the good and righteous king, later aided by his daughter, Sumy, who longs for the same things.

Developed thanks to the Rogers - Black Screen Office Development Fund.

Polished pilot and pitch deck available.

Image created by Alexander Kliem.

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